Making Music in 2006

Jam Pak Has Fun Making Music

Our youngest member, Justin at 7; PJ's brother

Maybe the washtub IS easier!

Is there any better way to spend an afternoon?

Making music with famly and friends -- a goal of Jam Pak.

Mrs. Betty Ludwig Mirana presents the tenor banjo belonging to her deceased husband, George Frederick Krikay, Jr.

We jam for band member Paul Webb's 92nd Birthday.

O'daysha carries the mandolin donated by John Miller. She's been a faithful student for three years.

Love that shirt, Elyssa. "Individually Unique, United....Complete!" This could be Jam Pak's motto.

Off the beaten path of Bluegrass.....Some Jam Pak members attend Sule Greg Wilson's Drum Workshop at Fiddler's Dream.

Spring Break Celebration

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