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Jam Pak is blessed to have a host of dedicated people who volunteer their time and energy to teach and support us! As you can tell, they're constantly in action -- providing instruction, giving directions, tuning up, keeping kids in line and a multitude of other things needed to keep everyone learning and growing musically.

Many thanks to them for all they do!

Cathie Lowmiller


Mark Hickler

Banjo and Guitar Teacher

Art Gaudette

Our first banjo teacher

Howard & Susan Anderson

Banjo Teacher and Music Mentors

TeacherIgor1Igor, the Jazz Cowboy

Bass Teacher

Art Gaudette

Our first banjo teacher

John and Rowena Miller

Members & Helpers

Helen and Ed Hamlet

Dedicated Fans & Supporters

John and Judy Hallett

John - Videographer

Judy - Webmaster

Ben Sandoval

Thanks for your support!

Anni Beach

Our "Fearless" Leader

Vincent Beach

You Name It! He Did It!

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