Up From the Ashes: Heber-Overgaard Library Fundraiser June 2006

Jam Pak participated in the Up From the Ashes Bluegrass festival at the Tall Timbers Park in Overgaard. The event was to help raise funds to complete the Rim Community Library. Anni and Vincent organized the Bluegrass Music and recruited the bands. The forest rangers and fire crew were staged at the park with fire equipment and helicopters. This event provided great Bluegrass music, fun for the kids, and raised money for a worthy cause.

Photo of poster contributed by Judy Hallett. Original photo taken by Ken Fiebelkorn

Photo contributed by Susan Anderson

The Bluegrass Music was dedicated to the memory of our friend and bluegrass mentor, Mark Miner, of BluegrAZ Express. Mark was the first to say "Yes" to the invitation to play for this benefit bluegrass festival but unfortunately passed away before he could perform. His wife Brooke wished for his band to carry out his commitment.

Mark's wife generously donated his bass to Jam Pak after his death.

Photos contributed by Judy Hallett

The following photos contributed by Susan Anderson

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